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Who to contact in an emergency 

 Click here to find out who to contact if there is a flood

Use the link above to report blocked ditches and drains online.

If a blocked drain or ditch is already causing serious flooding OR a road is impassable because of a fallen tree or any other obstruction, CALL Surrey County Council at any time of day or night on 0300 200 1003

If there is a threat to life, call 999

If sewers and foul water are involved, call Thames Water, 0800 316 9800

If a main river watercourse is involved, call the Environment Agency, 0345 988 1188

Being prepared for emergencies in Chobham

Surrey Heath Borough Council, Surrey County Council, the emergency services and the Environment Agency work together to plan how to respond to major emergencies in Surrey.

They also liaise with Chobham's own resilience group, which is responsible for planning our community's response should this village be affected.

Many communities spontaneously help one another in times of need, but previous experience has shown that those who have spent time planning and preparing are better able to cope.

The Chobham Resilience Group, which is under the umbrella of Chobham Parish Council, has a team of volunteers, led by the Emergency Warden, and a resilience plan, setting out how to help neighbours and support the emergency services and other agencies involved.

Flooding is the particular concern in Chobham and the resilience group was originally started as a response to two consecutive years of flooding in the village in 2006 and 2007, which was the last time the village suffered widespread flooding affecting people's homes and other property.

What would happen in an emergency

If there was a serious emergency anywhere in Surrey, Surrey County Council would initiate a multi-agency teleconference to start planning at a county level. If this related to flooding, the county council would, of course, be working closely with the Environment Agency.

In Surrey Heath, the borough council would open an emergency control centre at the council offices in Camberley, with specially trained council staff to run it.

Should Chobham be affected, this Camberley-based team would be the central point of contact for the Chobham Emergency Warden. It would be through the warden, that the borough council team could appeal for community help.

Find out more about Emergency Planning in Surrey Heath

For more information about flooding risk and prevention, see
Surrey Heath advice | Surrey County Council advice

Volunteering in a Chobham emergency

If there is an emergency in Chobham, the Chobham Emergency Warden will set up a communications base to liaise with the team overseeing the situation at Surrey Heath Borough Council, and with the team of volunteers in Chobham.

Those volunteers on the ground would make it their job to check on vulnerable neighbours and keep an eye on changing conditions in their area, reporting back to the warden or calling 999 in an emergency.

People with 4x4 vehicles willing to be called on to drive people and supplies, would be a welcome addition to the team.

You could also help if you have resources, such as two-way radios, dinghies or generators, that you might be able to make available (but your needs come first, of course).

If you could help in any way, please contact Chobham Parish Council on 01276 856633 or email admin@chobhamparishcouncil.org.

Reporting blocked ditches, watercourses and drains

Ditches, even if they are dry for much of the year, play a vital part in clearing excess water from road and neighbouring land after heavy rainfall, so nothing should be done to block them, and the natural build up of leaves and silt should be cleared regularly .

If you are concerned about blocked ditches, as well as drains or gullies, this can be REPORTED ONLINE using an interactive map which allows you to pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

If you have difficulty with this, or the blockage is already causing serious flooding, please call the Surrey County Council highways team on 0300 200 1003.

If the problem is on Chobham Common, which is managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust, you could call 01483 910087 or email countryside@surreywt.org.

Clearing blocked ditches and watercourses - information for landowners

Ditches or watercourses are the responsibility of landowners (riparian owners is the technical term). The owner of the ditch has a responsibility to maintain the ditch, and ensure that water can flow unobstructed.

Roadside ditches normally belong to the adjoining landowner, rather than Surrey County Council Highways. If you are uncertain about what is involved in clearing ditches that are on your land or bordering it, there is plenty of advice available.

Advice from Surrey County Council | Advice from Surrey Heath

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