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Model Publication Scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Parish Council is required to adopt a Model Publication Scheme which commits it to making available information about its business and activities. The first such scheme was adopted by Chobham Parish Council in December 2002 and was published on this website. The Information Commissioner further required that all public authorities adopt a revised and broader publication scheme by 1st January 2009. Chobham Parish Council adopted the Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme for Parish Councils in November 2008.

This Scheme comprises two parts:

Click here to view an Overview of the Model Publication Scheme identifying the classes of information to be published and the processes by which it will be maintained and made available to the public.

Click here to view a Detailed Schedule of information available under the Model Publication Scheme, advising how you can get a copy and the charges, if any, that might apply for obtaining it.

View a copy of the Parish Council's Complaints Procedures