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Chobham is a civic parish, the first tier of local government, and the parish council has its own distinct responsibilities, whilst also working closely with Surrey Heath Borough Council and Surrey County Council to look after the interests of the village.

Information about the council, meetings and councillors

Recreation Ground | Cemetery | Public Space

The Parish Council maintains the village cemetery and has responsibility for other areas of public space in the village, including Jubilee Mount on Chobham Common.

Another amenity it takes care of is the old public telephone box outside the village hall which is converted into the Chobham Book Exchange.

As trustee of the Chobham Recreation Ground Charitable Trust, the parish council manages and cares for the facilities at the village recreation ground. 

Planning matters

A major part of the parish council's work is monitoring all the planning applications relating to Chobham. The parish council doesn't make planning decisions, which are the responsibility of Surrey Heath Borough Council, but has the statutory right to be consulted on all development relating to Chobham. Parish council planning meetings are held twice a month.

 Other village organisations

 The parish council is also represented by one or more councillors on the committees of many village organisations. 

Chobham Parish Council comprises nine elected members and the current Council was elected in May 2015 to serve for four years (until May 2019). 

One thing the parish council is not responsible for is running the parish church. The civic parish and church parish are completely separate entities, so the Parish Church of St Lawrence has its own parochial church council and its own office and administrator who can be contacted here.

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