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Chobham is often congested with traffic and we are all aware that overweight lorries and illegal parking contribute significantly to road hazards and traffic congestion

Overweight Lorries

Although as a Parish Council we are unable to introduce a lorry ban, we will report breaches to the weight limit on the High Street.

If you see a lorry that you feel shouldn't be on the High Street, please do record the date, time, registration details and if possible the make of the lorry, please download a form and return it to the Parish Council.**

We will then forward these details to the police, the police will warn the vehicle operators and will take further action if infringements persist.

**Please return the form to the following email address, admin@chobhamparishcouncil.org. The address on the form is out of date. We will upload a new form soon. 

Parking Infringements

If parking is an issue, infringements can be reported to the Enforcement Officer at Surrey Heath Borough Council by calling 01276 707174.