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Pat Tedder
Cllr Pat Tedder
01276 858441

Chair of the Chobham Recreation Ground Charitable Trust

I have lived in Chobham since I married into one of the oldest families. I have served on the Parish Council for 20 years, during which time I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have had the honour of being elected Chairman of the Parish Council on several occasions.

As a Parish Councillor I have served and continue to serve on many committees for local organisations and I am a Trustee for several local Charities.

I have been actively involved in projects affecting the village,
some contentious, such as resisting the fencing of Chobham Common, some not so, for example the refurbishing of the Memorial Garden in the Recreation Ground and the rebuilding of the Valley End lnstitute.

I strongly believe that it is important that Chobham councillors have an intimate knowledge of the village and its problems in order to understand and meet the needs of its residents whilst working to retain the charm and character which makes Chobham and its green belt so special.