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Chobham Village Car Park

After lengthy discussions, Chobham Parish Council (CPC) has decided against taking over the village car park from Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) to provide all-day free parking.

SHBC assured CPC that there was no intention of increasing car park charges during 2017 which gives time during the year to hear residents’ views before the 2018/19 budget is set. CPC will be consulting with each of the high-street businesses to get their views in February/March and would also welcome the views of Chobham residents.

Only a small number of people would benefit from a free car park as the great majority use it free of charge already.

Parking is free all day Saturday and Sunday. SHBC’s figures for the three months, November 2016 to January 2017, showed that 83% of visitors parking Monday to Friday were within the two-hour free period, 7% paid just 40p to park for three hours, while 10% paid varying amounts between 80p and £2.50, which is the maximum daily charge.

SHBC has agreed to CPC’S request to give free half-day permits to St Lawrence School for use by volunteers. CPC is also talking to local businesses to encourage the take up of a £375 annual season ticket that would reduce the cost of parking to £7.21 a week for people working in Chobham.

CPC has no evidence to support the idea that free parking would reduce parking in Chertsey Road - people parked there even when the car park was free.

SHBC had been unable to provide accurate costings to CPC before the decision was needed to confirm the 2017/18 budget. With all the above in mind the conclusion was that using CPC funds to run and maintain the car park would not be good value for Chobham residents.

An added complication is SHBC’s Chobham Water Meadows. This is a SANGS project (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space), funded by developers in return for building houses in other parts of the borough. When it is completed, the car park will need to include a proportion of spaces specifically for visitors to the meadows.

Annette Barber, Parish Clerk


Chobham Parish Council's first response to Fairoaks Garden Village proposal

 At its meeting on 24th November, Chobham Parish Council had an initial discussion about the potential development of Fairoaks Airport as a garden village. It had been been alerted to the proposal by its local MP Michael Gove seeking to canvas local opinion.

Chobham Parish Council has yet to receive any consultation documents, so it will only consider its formal stance on the proposal once it reaches the official planning process. The council has not yet taken any kind of vote on what its standpoint should be.

However, councillors instructed the parish clerk Annette Barber to respond to Mr Gove, outlining the standard issues it would consider when the time comes for an official response. 

You can read the letter in full here.
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