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Chobham Cemetery

Chobham Cemetery is managed by the Chobham Burial Committee on behalf of Chobham Parish Council. The Cemetery is located off Chobham High Street, and can be reached by car via the access road beside Melita Boutique, opposite Chobham St Lawrence Church. There is a small car park at the end of the access road.

 Burial Arrangements

Opened in 1957, the Cemetery is a non-denominational burial ground, and is maintained as a 'lawned cemetery', which restricts the layout, style and size of memorials. It is open to the public at all times.

The Cemetery Regulations can be viewed here.

Chobham Cemetery

Although the Cemetery is provided to fulfil the needs of the parishioners of Chobham and West End (which was once part of the Ancient Parish of Chobham), it is currently open for the interment of non-parishioners. Burial Plots may be purchased, interments arranged and memorials erected, subject to application and Committee approval. Application forms are available to download from the following links: 

Grant for Exclusive Right of Burial




Erect, or add an inscription to a headstone


Erect, or add an inscription to ashes tablet 



The Fees due with each application are summarised on our tariff which can be viewed here.

 The two other Burial Grounds in Chobham (Chobham St Lawrence Churchyard
and the 'Victorian Cemetery') are now closed for further interments. The Churchyard is maintained by Chobham Parish Council, and the Victorian Cemetery is maintained by
the Parochial Church Council.