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Banners on the Leat railings

Application for Banner Display: High Street Guardrail along the Leat

The railing along the Leat opposite the junction of the High Street with Chertsey Road provides a popular spot for displaying banners.

This is on land owned by Surrey County Council highways, which has delegated to Chobham Parish Council the responsibility for giving permission for banners to go on the guard rail.

Applications for banners, up to 4m long and 0.75m high, are welcome from charitable, community and other non-commercial organisations serving the Parish of Chobham, for periods of up to three weeks to promote Chobham community events.

There is no fee for this service, but approved applications must comply with the erection and maintenance requirements specified on the application form, in which case they will be covered by the Parish Council's insurance arrangements.

Please note that applications will not be accepted for commercial events and details of commercial sponsors for charity events should be negligible. No company sponsor logos are permitted. 

Please see the application form for further information about the criteria and full conditions.

To find out about displaying banners in other parts of Surrey, see this information page at Surrey Highways.